Thursday, 19 September 2013

Out of Place events - sound documenting

I'll be making a series of sound documents in conjuction with The Arnolfini and QuJunktions for their series of 'Out of Place events'. I'll update when and where they'll be available

Friday, 9 August 2013

Healing - Minotaur Shock remix

Great remix of 'Healing' by MS. Video to accompany

Western Mystical Ruralism, with a touch of Eastern Magical Realism...

Minotaur Shock sends the spirit of the original through the re-aligning machine of a modern purveyor of bass led abstraction. While preserving his British Eccentric-Music traditions.
'Healing' is from the album AeXE (2013 Sedgemoor Recordings) - video by Michael Lansdell and Silver Pyre.

Monday, 1 July 2013

New Blog

For the time being I'm going to be mainly using this blog, posting some soundworld commentary and bits and pieces.

My time is being taken up a lot with sound documentary and recording and you can listen the odd snippets of current projects here

Silver Pyre Update

So, not posted here for a while, there are reasons!.... The new Silver Pyre album is well under way, there are around 12 written and demo'ed tracks at the moment and things will be taken into the studio in September and October of this year.
Hopefully ready for release in the Spring 2014.
In the meantime there's a new track coming out on a wonderful compilation put together by Joseph Stannard and released by Front and Follow.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


buy from  Norman Records

The Wire “tactile electronic environments, acid flavoured beats, warm uneffected prose...presenting a deep connection to history, and the world lived through many timescales”

The Stool Pigeon “a shimmering equipoise between bucolic reflection and post rave comedown”

405 “ close your eyes and get lost in it...with a debut this assured, Fawle's next step will be well worth keeping an eye out for”

Loud and Quiet “a unique english folk mysticism, wedding classic Warp electronica to 80's new wave pop”

Friday, 26 October 2012

Silver Pyre AeXE ltd edition prints

50 Ltd Edition  SP - AeXE sleeve art prints, only available at live shows.
250gsm tintoretto gesso paper
hand signed and numbered.

image scan from print

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Silver Pyre AeXE

AeXE release date postponed until 13th Jan 2013...

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Memory embellishment - Juenga - Manitas De Plata

I've had this record for a long time, its by a well regarded gypsy flamenco guitarist and its a live recording.

I was telling someone about this last week, but haven't listened or looked at it for a good few years. So was talking from a firmly established memory.

It has information about the session on the back as well as a photograph.

Now I remember this record well, its a howling, primal piece of music. It was recorded in a cave in Andalucia and is an all night session. The echo and stomp of dancers feet are heard throughout. Some sections of it are no more than a wailing voice, a hand knocking against a guitar and a sparse foot rhythm.
There is a photo on the back; a single candle illuminates the cave, the blur of the dancers and two guitarists, barely visible.
The cover shows De Plata eating, in my mind after he's emerged from the night of playing.
My memory may be slightly different to the actuality of the recording, but to me that further shows what a great and emotive record this is.

A different and more factual review is here

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

28 Days Later

Ok cokey, been quiet for a while, but theres nothing that'll get me back inter tinterweb more than imagery like this...

Run to the industrial dead zones!!!, take your friends, take a sound system, take a picnic, dance with flowers in your hair, its summer!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Gertrude Bell

Archaeologist and traveller and much more.

Below are some of the photographs taken by Gertrude Bell, largely in the Middle East, around the turn of the last century. Travelling deep into the deserts, she immersed herself amongst the people, politics and histories of the regions she visited.
The images speak for themselves...

Her diaries and many more images can be seen at Newcastle University Library

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

John Cowper Powys - Wolf Solent

“Like the entrance to some great highway of ether, whose air-spun pavement was not the colour of dust, but the colour of turquoise, there, at one single point above the horizon, the vast blue sky showed through. Transcending both the filmy whiteness and the vaporous yellowness, hovering above the marshland of Sedgemoor, this celestial Toll-Pike of the Infinite seemed to Wolf, as he walked towards it, like some entrance to an unknown dimension, into which it was not impossible to pass!”
The first of the Wessex novels, John Cowper Powys's Wolf Solent opens out and rolls away like the West Country surroundings it is set in as it rambles through landscape and townscape, following the spiritual journey of its main character (Wolf Solent) after he returns to his West Country roots after a spell in London. With a backdrop of small town shops, manor houses, cricket, fĂȘtes, inns, graveyards and cups of tea as well as numerous local characters, the book follows Mr Solent's perceptions, impressions and preoccupations as he reflects on his heritage and gets himself into a bit of a pickle over two young local ladies. Apart from this romantic quandary, his thoughts frequently turn to meditations on nature and man's place in it, the perils of technological progress, good and evil... it is the force of these perceptions that really set this book apart; as he 'sinks into his own soul' using his own kind of 'mythology', a way of seeing the world through summoning up subconscious powers, often being prompted by some aspect of nature. The descriptions of the surrounding landscape and countryside are meticulous and magnificent in equal measure and are always firmly rooted in their own mythology and history.

“It must have been half past six before he began to recover himself and to look about him. There was hardly a breath of wind stirring. There had fallen upon that part of the West Country one of these luminous late-summer evenings, such as must have soothed the nerves of Romans and Cymri, of Saxons and Northmen, after wild pell-mells of advances and retreats, of alarums and excursions, now as completely forgotten as the death struggles of mediaeval hernshaws in the talons of goshawks.”

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Dave Collingwood's Snare

                                                       Taken at last nights show at the Arnolfini, Bristol



Saturday, 17 September 2011

Silver Pyre - Live Ones

So, Silver Pyre is now reshaped into a trio for the live arena. New personnel are David Edwards (Minotaur Shock) and Dave Collingwood (Gravenhurst, Yann Tiersen).
The first airing of the new formation will be as follows;

14th October - Bristol - The Arnolfini (with Apparat)
30th October - London - Corsica Studios (with The Legendary Pink Dots)
12th November - Bristol -The Cube (with Siskiyou)

Friday, 3 June 2011

Nabakov - Pale Fire

So here we go with some more literary dippings, this time in the form of some high-brow poetic conundrums from Nabakov. Rich in imagery, rich in symbolism, rich in wit and at times rich in furrowed brows, this is about a murdered poet's 999-line poem (or canto) dissected by one of his university colleagues, and friend, Charles Kinbote. This book can literally be read and interpreted in many ways, but it's worth it for a) Kinbote's deranged and eccentric ramblings about the land of Zembla – a mythical Scandinavian country where an exuberant, homosexual and deposed King, Charles the 'Beloved', has to flee after a revolution, and b) for trying to fathom who Kinbote actually is.

“In simple words I described the curious situation in which the King found himself during the first months of the rebellion. He had the amusing feeling of his being the the only black piece in what a composer of chess problems might term the king-in-the-corner waiter of the solus rex type. The Royalists, or at least the Modems (Moderate Democrats), might still have prevented the state from turning into a commonplace modern tyranny, had they been able to cope with the tainted gold and robot troops that a powerful police state from its vantage ground a few sea miles away was pouring into the Zemblan Revolution... The King refused to abdicate. A haughty and morose captive, he was caged in his rose-stone palace from a corner turret of which one could make out with the help of field glasses lithe youths diving into the swimming pool of a fairy tale sport club, and the English ambassador in old-fashioned flannels playing tennis with the Basque coach on a clay court remote as paradise. How serene were the mountains, how tenderly painted on the western vault of the sky!

Monday, 18 April 2011


Book covers, playing cards, illustrations to accompany a Pushkin tale, or a vast stage set for an opera.
A taste of the Phantasmagorical images of Ivan Bilibin...