Thursday, 23 September 2010

Seefeel - Faults, the old and the new

So, Seefeel return, thats exciting. Been listening to the new 'faults' ep for a few days now, and after an initial reaction of 'oh christ, why is there the need the spatter this with bass,' its grown on me, and made me revisit Quique.

Saying that I still have a bit of a problem with the bass on 'faults'. There seems to be a culture at present of maximising the dynamic range on electronic music which gives it a very sheeny digital feel.
It doesn't give you enough space to pay attention to the little details, doesn't seem like a dancefloor killer, so i don't get the point?
But turn the bass down a pinch and you can appreciate a few of the signature kaleidescopic loops that unfold throughout, the vocals are pretty too. Thats what was good about Quique. Will probably win some new fans though........

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