Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Memory embellishment - Juenga - Manitas De Plata

I've had this record for a long time, its by a well regarded gypsy flamenco guitarist and its a live recording.

I was telling someone about this last week, but haven't listened or looked at it for a good few years. So was talking from a firmly established memory.

It has information about the session on the back as well as a photograph.

Now I remember this record well, its a howling, primal piece of music. It was recorded in a cave in Andalucia and is an all night session. The echo and stomp of dancers feet are heard throughout. Some sections of it are no more than a wailing voice, a hand knocking against a guitar and a sparse foot rhythm.
There is a photo on the back; a single candle illuminates the cave, the blur of the dancers and two guitarists, barely visible.
The cover shows De Plata eating, in my mind after he's emerged from the night of playing.
My memory may be slightly different to the actuality of the recording, but to me that further shows what a great and emotive record this is.

A different and more factual review is here

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